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Doula Services Provided :

Unlimited text and phone call support.

Trying to figure out if you peed your pants or your water broke? I got you. 



2 hour in home prenatal appointment. This consists of us creating a curated birth plan specifically designed towards you. We discuss things like feeding plans, postpartum supplies and set up, newborn care, comfort measures in labor, nursery review, help with setting up breast pump, hospital bag packing, and more!

Face to face labor support. This can look like talking through fear and anxieties as they come up, navigating any unpredictable curves that may come up through labor with educational support. Providing physical hands on comfort measures with counter pressure, massage, and skilled positions that help optimize working with your body and maintaining your peace.



In home Postpartum appointment 3-7 days after birth. This consists of bring present to process your birth story, helping answer any questions in regards to your healing journey or baby's feeding, looking for any signs of needing additional help or support, and any practical tasks or help (doing a load of laundry or making a meal.) 

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